How ezCater Found Real-World Savings with PtaaS

Is your pentesting program worth it? We recently published an impactful ROI of Modern Pentesting Report to delve into this question and prove the value of Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) vs. traditional consulting engagements. 

To continue the discussion, we invited one of the key contributors to our research, Conor Sherman, VP of Security at ezCater to join our very own CISO, Andrew Obadiaru to discuss the key report findings that validate the value of PtaaS for ezCater and make pentesting more effective for engineers. 

According to the report, business advantages of PtaaS include:

  • Being able to afford almost twice as many pentests with the same budget.
  • Improving security by starting remediation on issues much sooner.
  • Integrating pentesting into agile and DevOps application development processes.
  • Enabling pentesting to be more responsive to short notice requests.